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Methods of Teaching
Our Methods of Teaching Course the best interactive instructional class in the Upstate that prepares Licensed Professionals for the classroom.  Individuals will learn teaching methods for the 21 Century Educator with a foundation for building students’ confidence, knowledge of the industry, as well encouraging to be successful. 
As a Master Educator, you will learn students’ learning styles, classroom management, assessment for testing and techniques for developing critical thinking skills.  We don’t just prepare you for a teaching career we give you the methods, skills and techniques needed to become a Master Educator in the classroom and beyond.
Our Methods of Teaching Instructor 15 years of higher education experience, currently teaches in the public school system, Licensed CEU Instructor with 30 years in the hair and beauty industry. She develops educational curriculums and consults on educational materials as well as currently a member of a local Career Technology Center Advisory Board. Her educational degree gives her the edge to understand the academics of learning and her Double Master’s Degree give her keen business insight of teaching time management.
You will learn how to handle difficult students in the classroom.  As well as learn procedures of Federal rules and guidelines for special need students, while understanding your role of becoming a Master Educator and more.  We guarantee you the best experience that can’t be explained, you have to experience our interactive Methods of Teaching Course. Let us help you to develop your teaching style.   Enroll Now!!! Trust your education with someone who is currently active in the educational system with a proven track record of students passing the National Instructor Examination 98% on and 100% on practical is impeccable.
Did you know that some of our Professional Students have job offers before completing our program?
Currently licensed as a Cosmetologist, Barber, Manicurist, or Esthetician for 2 years or completed the 750 Instructional Student Course plus this course.

This course is for licensed professionals seeking certification to become Licensed Instructors.  Individuals will earn 45 hours of instructional teaching in classroom management, lesson planning and lecture teaching in which to prepare individuals to take the SC Cosmetology Instructor Examination.
All course material will be provided: books, handouts, etc. $975.00. All fees are nonrefundable

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Date: Sept 18-Nov 27, 2017
Classes will be held on Mondays only at 
5:00 pm-8:30 pm

Location: Augusta Rd, 100 Lydia St, Greenville, SC 29605

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Methods of Teaching-Summer Course
Sept 18-Nov 27, 2017
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Methods of Teaching-Summer Course
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Full Payment $975

SC Refresher Methods of Teaching
Course Online
If you are a Licensed Professional: Cosmetologist, Nail Tech or Esthetician and completed the 45 hours of Methods of Teaching Course but didn't complete the National Examination, we have an Online Refresher Course to help you complete your dream of becoming an SC Instructor don't delay register today. A lot has changed and our 21st century technology will get you prepared as fast as you need or at your own pace.  Your future is in your your education in ours!!!
This course can be from anywhere in the US 24/7!!!
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